Civil Rights

Attorneys at Mickenberg Dunn have had extensive involvement in the prosecution of Constitutional claims and the enforcement of State and federal civil rights laws over the years. They have represented protected classes of individuals in complex, ground-breaking litigation in both Vermont and a number of other states.

Examples of the firm’s lawyers’ work in the area of civil rights include the following:

  • The defense of members of the Abnaki tribe seeking to enforce their tribal fishing rights;
  • Successful representation of children and parents in a landmark Constitutional challenge to Vermont’s method of funding public education;
  • Successful, precedent-setting litigation on behalf of thousands of children with disabilities in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas based on their Constitutional right to adequate treatment and statutory right to certain services;
  • Successful prosecution of racial discrimination claims against Goddard College based on discriminatory practices in restricting program participation; and
  • Multiple successful challenges to Vermont statutes which discriminated against individuals with disabilities in violation of the United States Constitution and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The attorney involved in this area of practice is Whit Smith.