Whit Smith

Whit Smith has practiced law since 1977. He provides legal representation to a range of non-profit organizations serving individuals with disabilities, their families, those with limited economic resources, and victims of domestic violence. He advises health care and community mental health and developmental service providers in northern and central Vermont, including HowardCenter, Inc., the Community Health Centers of Burlington, Inc., Northwestern Counseling and Support Services, Inc., NFI Vermont, Inc., the Clara Martin Center, and Northeast Kingdom Human Services, Inc. In addition, he represents a number of clinicians in private practice in the fields of health care and mental health and substance abuse services.

A significant portion of his work has involved legal assistance for individuals with disabilities and their families. In this regard, Whit has represented children and adults with disabilities in complex, protracted litigation in Louisiana, Texas, and Vermont. He has served as class counsel for such individuals in multiple suits seeking the development and improvement of community-based programs and the provision of appropriate services. Working in conjunction with the Southern Disability Law Center, he also has provided litigation consultation to advocacy groups in a number of states across the country.

Prior to entering private practice in 1983, Whit worked for several non-profit advocacy organizations, including the Children’s Defense Fund of Washington, D.C., and Vermont Legal Aid, Inc. He is a graduate of Yale University and the Yale Law School.